How to Choose Between Gas Grill & Charcoal BBQ?

We offer a quick summary of specific points to two cooking methods as well as small reminders on other subjects so that you make your decision based on your needs, your desires, and your tastes.

The Charcoal Barbecue – is for lovers of authentic flavors!

This is, of course, the barbecue with a big B. The charcoal grill is ideal for lovers of the little smoke flavor characteristic of barbecuing. Transforming a chop or sausages in feast is unparalleled. The question of eating quality, it has a considerable lead over its gas counterpart. It is also easy maintenance. A few minutes are enough to clean the grill and empty the ashes. Finally, you can find models for a few dollars that will give you the same pleasure as much more expensive models (but whose life will be much longer)

But it still has some disadvantages. First, it ‘s hard to adjust. Lighting the grill is not always easy, especially if the fuel has taken a little moisture and requires some time to be operational by the time the embers happen. It will tend to catch fire when cooking grease will flow and can permanently darken your facade if the winds do not favor. Finally, it is not always beneficial to do the second round if you have not planned enough members in the first.


The Gas BBQ – the perfect device for the impatient!

The gas grill is the perfect answer to all the disadvantages of charcoal barbecue. It is ready in seconds, it allows identical still cooking, it emits no flames, and you can adjust the temperature within quick seconds. For some model with hood, it allows even cooking with choked which gives significantly cooked meats.

It would be the perfect device if it did not present some drawbacks. First in taste, gone the characteristic smoky flavor of the grill. While still excellent, your dishes will not taste that little smoky flavor. Cleaning level, a gas grill requires more precise maintenance. The fat does not come off quickly compared to the coals, and it will be for you to clean once the weekend is over. Finally, gas barbecues are more cumbersome and a lot more expensive than a charcoal grill.

We found some of the best gas grills options here –

Beyond energy – Consider the size of your grill!

The decision of choosing your barbecue needs to be done depending on the space you have and where you want to store. In your garden, on a balcony or terrace (beware if rely enjoy your barbecue on your balcony, you better opt for a gas grill / electric grill, this site is ideal for simple choice – Reviews By Expert).

The number of guests and homemakers should also be taken into consideration while choosing the size of grill. Are there just two you or you like to enjoy it with your friends? This requirement is not the same and has high relevance to the barbecues capacity whether gas or charcoal.

Think Usage Frequency

If you use barbecue occasionally, then it might not be worth investing in a sophisticated and expensive equipment. Instead, go for a basic charcoal grill which is inexpensive. If you have many parties with friends, consider more advanced options, especially depending on your region, the binomial barbecue/grill can allow you to change the atmosphere of certain evenings radically.

Think Mobility

The mobility of your gas grill or charcoal is necessary.

Firstly, starting with the case of unexpected rain, you need the wheels for barbecue weighing up to 100 Kg for some models! If you opted for a gas grill, you would appreciate again to benefit from the autonomous mobile unit when returning to the garage for the winter or other unexpected movements.

In any case, do not believe that the wheels are an unnecessary option. Depending on your usage, your area and configuration of the area where you intend to use your grill, they will be valuable allies.

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