Car Insurance and Custom Audio Systems

Car insuranceWhen people buy a car, they often like to update their car with the latest audio equipment.  From new speakers to a complete audio system, they shop around until they find exactly what they want.  If you are willing to invest the time, you can find great systems at discount prices.

With today’s technology, one of the popular options is to use media players in the car.  It can be a smartphone or tablet or an mp3 or mp4 player that is hooked up to the car’s stereo system and played through the speakers.

Take for instance the Microsoft Zune media player.  You can buy the transmitter at an affordable price and play your music through the speakers.  This allows you to purchase one media player with your library installed that you can listen to anywhere.  You can easily plug it into the accessory adapter on your vehicle and switch it to another automobile at any time.  This eliminates the need to install a permanent player and deal with messy wires.

The transmitter also locates radio stations for streaming with the autoseek feature.  This works in conjunction with the FM radio on the vehicle and can give you even more options for your music.

Audio systems often raise the car’s value because people consider them a prime feature.  This translates into higher prices on your car insurance because it has to cover more than the original price of the car.  With the portable media players, they do not affect your car’s pricing because they are transferable.

If you buy special speakers for listening with your portable audio equipment, you will want to account for them when you get auto insurance quotes.  You can get free auto insurance quotes before you purchase an audio system to determine how much it will raise your prices.  This is not always something people think about when purchasing the latest high-tech equipment but it can make a system even more expensive.  It pays to shop around with free car insurance quotes to know what you are getting before you commit to a purchase.

Enjoy your music at a great price with portable media players and cheaper insurance.