Best Apps for Message Monitoring

There is a great variety of SMS tracker apps on the market nowadays and they are pretty popular for obvious reasons. You may need to track your children’s text message if you suspect them of dealing with a bad or weird company. But all the variety of SMS trackers how can you find the right and the best one.

We have decided to find the best apps for you and to do that we, above all, identified three basic most important features that scream quality.

  • Telephone number. It is obvious that the company that has a telephone number with a real person answering can’t be fraudulent. Always pay attention to whether there is a real working phone number indicated on the company’s website.
  • No Monthly Fees. Monthly Fees scam is something even big companies like Amazon are guilty of. It works like this: you pay a small fee in the beginning or just subscribe to the “free trial”, but it starts deducting money from your account next month and it takes two more months to cancel.
  • Customer Support. It is always a great sign of a good company. SMS trackers require some special knowledge and it is easy to get confused with the settings. It is always good if you can get help to be a real live person over the phone.

So with the basic features identifies let us introduce you the best SMS trackers that we have handpicked for your convenience.


Apps for Message Monitoring

One of the best and most user-friendly apps out there. It has a vast variety of different features and potentially can be tweaked to extract not only SMS but also facebook messages and different multimedia from the targeted phone.

Highster mobile

It has been on the market for over 9 years by now. The biggest feature of this application is that it can extract deleted messages from the targeted phone. Users report being able to extract messages that are more than one year old. It does not require to jailbreak the phone, which is obviously can save a lot of time and effort. Highster Mobile offers a free 24/7 customer care and costs only $69.99 with free lifetime upgrades.

Auto Forward Spy

Another great application that has live telephone support. It is able to extract text messages, record and forward phone calls to you, spy on social media and track GPS location. It has a free 3-day trial and costs only $59.99 with no additional fees or charges.

Surepoint Spy

SMS monitoring app that is designed specifically to spy on Apple appliances. It has one of the best Customer Support where people or actually know their product and all the questions get answered quickly and easily. You won’t find a better app to spy on Apple phones and tablets. Costs $69.99 with no additional fees or charges.

Of course, this is not the complete list, but more can be found easily if you pay attention to the basic features that we have described in the beginning.

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