High-end Phone Trackers: Features and Services

The technology of phone tracking has been integrated into our daily lives for quite a long time so nobody is surprised anymore. There is a great number of different apps that can offer GPS tracking for you and your family to be safe and sound. However, the competition on the market is always big, so more and more companies and GPS tracker developers are trying to come up with a variety of additional features to win customers.

Research of phone trackers

We have researched many of those phone trackers to deliver the most amazing features that modern these applications are able to provide:

Tracking in real-time

Monitoring somebody’s location is not that cool anymore. Tracking a location in real-time where you can pinpoint the exact location on Google maps – that is something worthy of attention, If your kid gets lost you will be able to find him in a matter of minutes by driving or calling an Uber cab to his or her location.

Phone calls forwarding

A lot of trackers provide access to the “call log” of the targeted phone, but some of them are able to actually record calls and forward it to so you can get all the information necessary. Additionally, the user can track incoming and outgoing call as they occur and listen to the ongoing calls on the fly. Isn’t that a miracle?

Access to multimedia

Getting access to SMS is easy. Nowadays you can also view everything that is stored on the targeted phone: images, videos, music and so on. You can even download the necessary images and videos to another device using the app.

Cloud technologies

Phone Trackers

Nobody wants to get compromised using phone trackers. So a lot of services right now use cloud technology to store collected data. You will have access to it 24/7, but you do not need to actually store it on your phone. Everything that is collected from the tracked cell will be stored on the cloud and can be accessed from any device and location.


This is by far one of the most important features. By installing the app on your teenage kid’s phone you, obviously, do not want them to find out. So a lot of apps are using advanced technologies to mas themselves and stay completely out of sight.

Alerts and filters

This is a feature designed specifically for parents who do not want their kids to get in trouble. You can mark “safe” and “unsafe” zones and the map of your city and get alerts if your kid crossed the borderline. You can also track your child’s Facebook feed and messaging and get alerts anytime something inappropriate comes up there.

Parent control

It is a very important feature for those who wish their offsprings to get a proper sleep before school. You can set a time limit for using a phone every day and also set the “bed time” and get alert every time the time limit has been exceeded or somebody is using the phone past their bedtime.

Evidently, there is a lot more to GPS trackers nowadays than just “tracking”. Since the competition is still hard and there are new players appearing every day – we are confident there is much more to come.

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